Ego Reduction

Every single thought you think will either be
of me or laced with me.
Even if you’re thinking of how you’re going to get
to and from places I’m not,
even if you don’t know it,
you’ll be thinking of me,
where I am while you’re traveling,
what will happen the next time you see me. 
And you know that the next time you see me,
you’ll be cooking my dinner,
drawing my bath,
shaving my legs,
painting my toenails,
on your knees with your hands
tied behind your back begging to lick me,
or crying as you bleed for me. 
And you’ll often wait while I’m in the other room,
or in the other city,
as I read a book,
or laugh with a friend,
or fuck a new lover. 
As I do whatever I’m doing,
you’ll wait quietly for me to call you,
and as you wait you’ll think about
what I might be thinking about,
how I might be feeling,
and how it might relate to you,
even though you know it often doesn’t
relate to you at all. 
And if it doesn’t relate to you at all,
you don’t mind because you know
it might in some small way,
in that you’ve done what you need to do
to make me happy. 
And you can feel that in my happiness,
you’ve begun to exist again.
The point is this:
Don’t ever assume when I use the word “you”
that I’m talking about you.
That is what ego reduction means.
Only when you’re absolutely sure I’m not talking about you,
there might be the slightest of a possibility that I am.
Did I really just have to tell you that?
Come now, try and pay fucking attention.

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